Corporate Quality Policy

Gilbert Machine and Manufacturing is committed to fulfilling customer requirements  and continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Corporate Quality Objectives
Gilbert's President: Nancy Duplan, has created this Quality Policy thereby percipitating the following goals:

1. Exceeding customers’ expectations for quality workmanship, on time deliveries and consistent, exceptional quality.

2. Extending the highest quality product and best possible value to our customer by utilizing cutting edge technology.
3. Committing to growth and excellence providing a solid foundation for promoting the ideals of quality throughout every aspect of our operations.
4. Top management ensures that the Quality Policy is communicated to all employees. It is included in new employee training and training on the QMS. It is posted in prominent places throughout the facility to maintain high standards within our organization.

Gilbert's Dynamic Quality System is AS9100 and ISO9001 certified guaranteeing its customers the top quality available.
Individual Responsibility
All employees adhere strictly to the policies and guidelines outlined in the quality manual and in documented procedures. It is the duty of each employee to inform the department head or the Management Representative when activities performed do not match the documented procedures, or when documented procedures and work instructions are unclear or ambiguous. The department head is also notified of any identified nonconformity or deficiency where the correction or prevention of such nonconformity or deficiency is out of the employee’s scope of responsibility.